Student Workers and Project Descriptions

As a University, our priority is to communicate knowledge that inspires students to make a difference. The UA Campus Arboretum not only provides a laboratory for active student engagement in a diverse array of classes but also directly provides student employment and practical experience by mentoring student projects. We strive to provide practical experience, nurture passion and depth of character that propels civic leadership.


Archives of past student interns and project descriptions:

2023 Staff and Student Projects 

2022 Student Projects

2021 Student Projects

2020 Student Projects

2019 Student Projects

2018 Student Projects 

2017 Student Projects

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Meet The "Bob Baker" Summer Interns

A generous gift from Bob Baker, a long time Board Member and friend of the Campus Arboretum, provides support for exceptional students to continue their employment throughout the summer sessions. Students are selected in the Spring of each year by the Campus Arboretum Director. Selection is based on student promise, past performance on arboretum projects (as either volunteers, interns or student workers) and demonstrated excellence relating to the discipline of urban horticulture. 

Summer 2023: Lenny Sciulli