2017 Undergraduate Student Interns



Dr. Tanya Quist


Tanya M. Quist is an Associate Professor in the School of Plant Sciences. She also serves a role in Cooperative Extension as Director of the University of Arizona Campus Arboretum. Her responsibilities extend statewide in providing leadership in urban horticulture but include significant commitments on campus working with a wide range of people from UA Grounds Services and Campus Planning to mentoring student interns.



















Anabelle Baggs


B.S. Environmental Science

Minor in Studio Art, Class of 2017

Project: Anabelle has run the Campus Arboretum Facebook page since May 2016. She also writes content for the University of Arizona Arboretum website.



















Matthew Buster

B.S. Sustainable Plant Systems

Minor in Photography, Class of 2017

Project: Matthew has worked for the Campus Arboretum as a photographer since May 2016. He also founded and runs the Arboretum Instagram account.










Jason De Leeuw


B.S. Sustainable Plant Systems, Class of 2017.

Project: Jason began working with the Campus Arboretum in May 2014 when he headed up the project to map and create signs for the fruit trees in the orchard at Biosphere 2, a joint project between the Campus Arboretum and B2. Currently, Jason is working on the shrub inventory project for the Campus Arboretum.


















Tyler Boris


B.S. Urban and Regional Development, Class of 2017.

Minor in Geographic Information Science

Tyler works with the Campus Arboretum's GIS Database. He ensures all trees and shrubs are accessioned properly and mapped so that our inventory is always current and readily available for use by the University, the arboretum and the public.


















Caitlin Brown


B. S. Sustainable Plant Systems, Class of 2017.

Project: Caitlin is responsible for several outreach events each year. She develops curriculum content and designs delivery mechanisms that engage a wide range of audiences in learning about urban tree conservation and stewardship.













Jamie Daiek


B. S. Natural Resources, Wildlife Conservation, Class of 2018.

Project: Jamie has responsibilty for all aspects of grounds work ranging from installation of signs and trees to coordinating repairs and work with the University grounds services. Her role is integrated with the GIS Database manager and she also works closely with the students responsible for shrub inventory.


























Zaynah Kmeid


B. S. Environmental Sciences, Class of 2018.

Project: Zaynah assisted with botanical sign installation and completed literature reviews and research for website species description.