2022 Student Workers and Interns

Dr. Tanya Quist

Tanya M. Quist is an Associate Professor in the School of Plant Sciences. She also serves a role in Cooperative Extension as Director of the University of Arizona Campus Arboretum. Her responsibilities extend statewide in providing leadership relating to urban horticulture but include significant commitments on campus working with a wide range of people from UA Grounds Services and Campus Planning to mentoring undergraduate student interns in service-learning activities.









William Lampman

B.S. Plant Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Class of 2022

B.S. Natural Resources, Wildlife Conservation Emphasis, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Class of 2022

Project: As William prepared to graduate in Spring 2022, he prepared training materials and trained new students who will assume responsibility for the many projects he managed during the 2 1/2 years working with the Campus Arboretum. Those responsibilities included writing species descriptions, identifying and mapping campus plants, partnering with campus and community groups, developing the desert plant conservatory, planting trees, creating and presenting tours and exhibits. participating in planning arboretum events, and competing in the undergraduate student competition at the American Society for Horticultural Science annual meeting. 




Taylor Roman Cavallaro

B.S. Plant Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Minor in French Language,  Class of 2023


Project: In Spring 2022, Taylor completed a project at Mt. Lemmon Arizona in partnership with the UArizona School of Natural Resources to identify and provide interpretation for native plants at their Faul Preservation Area. Additionally, Taylor built further on his knowledge of Sonoran native plants by identifying, mapping, and completing species descriptions for the plants in the historic Joseph Wood Krutch Garden on the main campus of the University of Arizona. The project will support tours of the garden as well as an exhibit of scientific illustrations created for 40 of the garden's 65 botanical taxa. 





Iza Barrandey

B.S. Sustainable Plant Systems, Urban Horticulture Emphasis, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Class of 2022


Project: Iza has responsibility for care and development of the Mark Dimmitt Desert Plant Conservatory plants. This includes tending to plants in the desert plant conservatory, including plant propagation, pest management, transplanting, watering and nutritional needs. She also assists with grounds related projects such as installing botanical signage, and collecting and shipping plant samples to researchers upon request. 







Maria Rojas

B.S. Sustainable Plant Systems, Urban Horticulture Emphasis; Minor in Nutritional Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Class of 2023

Project: Maria has broad interests in horticulture with special interest in interpreting science for educational communities. Maria will research and produce species descriptions for the Campus Arboretum website to enhance her proficiency with botanical terminology, plant ID, and cultivation requirements of campus plants, while also adding to her knowledge about their natural history and ethnobotanical value. Her primary project with the Campus Arboretum will be to write stories for the website and newsletter, and provide direction to other student s in the development of their educational exhibits and products.





Lenny Sciulli

B.S. Plant Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Class of 2023 

Project: Lenny will research and generate species arboretum website descriptions for plants in the Mark Dimmitte Desert Plant Conservatory plants. These reports will be available on the Plant Science Club website to inform visitors to the site about the interesting adaptations and cultivation of these desert plants. Additionally, Lenny will create a guided tour of the collection and a corresponding exhibit at the Plant Festival in Fall of 2022.





Maggie McCool

B.S. Sustainable Plant Systems, Urban Horticulture Emphasis, Minor in Agricultural Technology Management and Education, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Class of 2023

Project: Maggie will reserach and provide descriptions of plants in the Campus Arboretum collection. These descriptions will include botanical descriptions, and information on cultivation and care of desert plants in landscape context. Given her interest in gaining practical experience and greater knowledge of sustainable landscape managment, she will complement the species research component of her project to also include the creation of a plant festival exhibit featuring the Desert Landscape site. The project will improve her knowledge of landscape practices, and create educational opportunties for others. 




Matt Castaneda

B.S. Sustainable Plant Systems, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Class of 2022

Project: Matt provides both oversight of arboretum signage and grounds related student projects. He supports and complements the work of the UA Grounds Services and the Campus Arboretum by planting trees and other plants on the main campus grounds, providing supplemental irrigation for newly transplanted trees, monitoring and reporting plant health needs, as well as groundtruthing plant accessions for the GIS inventory. As needed, Matt installs and maintains existing botanical signage, and collects and ship plant samples to researchers upon request. 








Justyne Gonzalez

B.S. Plant Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Class of 2024

Project: Justyn will generate species description reports for the Campus Arboretum website, but focus her work on acquiring skill with CNC engraving of arboretum signage. As the arboretum acquires new species or when a special garden is installed, we aim to install at least one Qr-coded sign for it so that visitors can access related educational content. Justyn's work supports the development of these public educational resources.