2020 Student Interns

Dr. Tanya Quist

Tanya M. Quist is an Associate Professor in the School of Plant Sciences. She also serves a role in Cooperative Extension as Director of the University of Arizona Campus Arboretum. Her responsibilities extend statewide in providing leadership in urban horticulture but include significant commitments on campus working with a wide range of people from UA Grounds Services and Campus Planning to mentoring student interns.











Gabrielle Schatz, Class of 2020

Horticulture Diploma, New York Botanical Garden

Project: Gabi worked for the Campus Arboretum in partial fulfillment of her Diploma in Horticulture from the New York Botanical Garden. While here, she created virtual tree tours which made our existing guided and self-guided tours available from any location worldwide. This project required that she study and photograph campus plants, create and edit tour content, build webpages for each tour and tour stop, and finally link them into a cohesive tour experience. She also created a new virtual tour featuring blooming plants from campus. This tour is visually exciting, and links visitors to species description content available in the Find Trees and Tours section of the website. 








Bethany Vos

B.S. Plant Sciences, Class of 2021

B.S. Nutritional Sciences, Class of 2021

Project: Bethany has responsibility for curating the arboretum's extensive botanical photo inventory. As the Campus Arboretum photographer, she ensures all new plants entered into the collection have botanically identifying photos, publishes these to the web and maintains accuracy of all records, including current taxonomic classification in the database.












Jamie Rike

B. S. Biosystems Engineering, Class of 2021

Project: Jamie is responsible for expanding the boundaries of the main campus arboretum by mapping and describing woody plants growing in the Dunbar Spring neighborhood. She will create web content  that guides residents and visitors in identifying, cultivating (within a passive water harvesting system), and using these woody plants in the neighborhood. The information she compiles will be accessible through QR-coded interpretive signage that she will create and install throughout the neighborhood. 







William Lampman

B.S. Plant Sciences, Class of 2022

B.S. Natural Resources, Wildlife Conservation Emphasis, Class of 2022

Project: William is responsible for researching and updating the content for the Campus Arboretum species description pages. His role requires that he consult with published literature to know and describe the taxonomy, morphology, and physiological adaptation of the species in the Campus Arboretum collection. He must provide content with references cited including the botanical characteristics, ecological distribution, adaptation, cultural practices for cultivation, and the ethnobotanical uses of a dozen native and cultivated plants. His work was so exceptional that he has been tasked with creating new content for species in the arboretum's new cactus conservatory.