Special Sponsorship Opportunities

Campus Arboretum Naming Opportunities

Make your mark on campus with a gift that supports future Campus Arboretum development, research and education. There are many opportunities available for you to become part of UA heritage while providing significant support for preservation of its beautiful landscape. Your sponsorship not only preserves a personal heritage on campus, it also provides the means for continuing arboretum programs including tree planting, student educational projects and research. These funds promote ongoing environmental conservation research for urban landscapes and perpetuate the distribution of educational resources in support of tree care and environmental stewardship. 

For a full list of sponsorship opportunities see the Sponsorship and Naming Menu 

Contact the Campus Arboretum Director, Dr. Tanya Quist with questions at E-mail: infoarboretum@cals.arizona.edu.


President's Pond and Garden Sponsorship

There are only a few opportunities to sponsor campus gardens with significant historical value. The President's Pond (often referred to as "the turtle pond") is one of those rare opportunities. We are profoundly grateful for the donations received that allowed us to complete phase I of this project in Summer 2023. To read the project proposal summary, click  here, To print the full proposal (pdf), or to view our progress in completing phase I improvements, click here! For phase II, we aim to raise funds for preservation of campus open spaces like this one which perpetuate heritage, encourage community gatherings, and enhance the educational value of the campus landscape. Beginning in Fall 2023, we will offer bench and brick sponsorships for gifts of $250 and $20,000 respectively. To learn about naming opportunities at the pond, see the campaign document found here.  









Tree Sponsorship

A Sponsored tree is a living memorial and celebratory tribute. Trees live longer than we do. They reflect qualities humanity aspires to achieve. Trees are resilient to stress, adaptable to change and majestic in form. They are fundamentally important to all life on earth, contributing in magnificent ways to our environmental, social and emotional health and often do so in ways that are humble, quiet and not always adorned with the bold or showy appearance we might expect for such a grand contributor. Planting a tree is a truly a gift that keeps on giving and a grand gesture of altruism. Celebrate and remember, sponsor a tree today! In collaboration with the Campus Arboretum Director, you will select an available tree or a site for a new tree installation. A personalized inscription on a brass plaque accompanies each tribute gift. This plate publicly recognizes your generous patronage and commemorates a loved one.





Bench Sponsorship

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With your sponsorship donation, a hand forged iron bench, made by a local artist will be produced. Each of these benches will receive a brass plate personalized with your inscription. This plate publicly recognizes your generous patronage and commemorates a loved one. In collaboration with the Campus Arboretum Director, donors may also participate in selecting a suitable campus location. These sponsored benches provide a lasting tribute representing our personal heritage and special ties to the campus and community.








Joseph Wood Krutch Garden Florilegium

In partnership with the Sonoran Desert Florilegium Program, we have established a Florilegium of the Joseph Wood Krutch Garden, the University of Arizona's most important historic garden, and an inspiring model of a sustainable urban landscape. A florilegium is a "book of flowers" (a collection of botanical art that documents the scientific and aesthetic value of a special garden). Despite advances in technology used to capture botanical detail through photography and microscopy, scientific illustration retains great value as an effective educational resource simply because it encapsulates all important views and detail magnification in one small panel. Furthermore, botanical illustrations are masterfully created and exquisitely beautiful! The project comissioned scientific illustrations documenting the 65 Sonoran native plant species collected in the historic Krutch Garden.  Artists from The Sonoran Desert Florilegium Program and Southwest Society of Botanical Artists contributed. Thanks to the tremendous generosity of Keith and Brenda Taylor the artists’ commissions are fully funded. View the completed project page here. (.pdf) To support other initiatives like this, donate through our website.


Opuntia basilaris, (c) 2013 Chris Bondante