Edible Landscapes Virtual Tour - LANDING PAGE


Welcome to the Edible Landscapes Tour! 


In this tour, you will virtually stroll through the University of Arizona's landscape to learn about the fruit and nut trees grown on campus. Learn about their origin, cultivation requirements, and edible uses. 


To begin the tour, click on any of the 15 species below or click here to start the tour from the beginning. 



Carnegiea gigantea     |     Cactaceae     |     saguaro


Opuntia engelmannii     |     Cactaceae     |     Engelmann's prickly pear


Punica granatum    |     Lythraceae     |     pomegranate


Prosopis glandulosa var. glandulosa     |     Fabaceae     |     Texas honey mesquite   


Agave americana     |     Asparagaceae     |     century plant


Prosopis alba     |     Fabaceae     |     Argentine mesquite


Ficus carica     |     Moraceae     |      common fig

Figs, Fig Tree, Fruits, Fruit, Purple, Fig Leaves


Phoenix dactylifera     |     Arecaceae     |     true date palm


Olea europaea     |      Oleaceae     |     European olive

Olives, Olive Branch, Fruits, Olive Tree


Morus alba 'Chaparral'     |     Moraceae     |     weeping mulberry

Mulberry, Berry, Fruit, Tree, Leaves


Ziziphus jujuba     |     Rhamnaceae     |     Chinese jujube


Pinus pinea     |     Pinaceae     |     Italian stone pine

Pine Cones, Pine, Tap, Nature, Decoration, Tree, Pinus


Ceratonia siliqua     |     Fabaceae     |     carob

Black, Carob, Ceratonia, Siliqua, Tree, Fruit


Celtis reticulata     |     Cannabaceae     |     netleaf hackberry


Citrus aurantium     |     Rutaceae       |      sour orange