2016 - Sponsorship Mobile Tour

The Campus Arboretum is committed to extending educational and outreach programs that promote awareness of sustainable land management and development. Donor contributions play a vital role in sustaining and advancing these missions and goals. There are many different ways donors have invested in the Campus Arboretum. All of the donated funds promote environmental conservation research and perpetuate the distribution of educational resources. Among our most generous donors are those who have sponsored trees or benches.


Campus Arboretum Tree Sponsorships provides an opportunity for donors to install a living tribute, a tree. Through this program 59 trees have been planted or named. Each tree installation is accompanied with a personalized brass plaque. When someone donates through the Bench Sponsorship, an iron bench made by local artist, James Meador, is produced and installed on campus. Each of the current 33 benches display a brass plate personalized with the donor's inscription. These sponsorships provide a lasting tribute representing our personal heritage and special ties to the campus and community.


To highlight the generosity of those who have sponsored trees and benches, Campus Arboretum interns Tracey Till and Tyler Boris worked together to created a mobile tour that helps donors and their families locate sponsored trees and benches.  These tours publicly recognize past patronage and remind us of the work made possible by donors and community involvement.


If you would like to learn more about how you can make your mark on campus with a gift that supports future Campus Arboretum development, check out our Tree Sponsorship and Bench Sponsorship Tour or some of the many other sponsorship opportunities.


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December, 2016