Sonoran Native Virtual Tour - WOLFBERRY

Lycium fremontii        |       Solanaceae       |        wolfberry



Desert Ecology:


An extremely versatile shrub which tolerates mildly acidic to strongly alkaline soils and grows below 3000 feet elevation and occasionally found. Although up to 6000 feet. It is drought deciduous, blooming in Feb-Mar. Bees, butterfly, and hummingbirds pollinate the purple, tubular flowers and other desert creatures use the shrub as habitat - especially birds who eat the fruits. Although the berries are edible for human consumption, (they are related to the Goji berry), be careful as they may blacken your teeth.




Indigenous people ate fruits fresh, mashed, dried, or juiced and made a sauce with flour and water. Among the tribes known to rely on the wolfberry are the Hiá ced O’ohdam and Tohono O’odham, Pima, Maricopa, Mohave, Quechan, and Cocopa peoples.



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