Sonoran Native Virtual Tour - CAT CLAW ACACIA

Senegalia greggii     |      Fabaceae     |      catclaw acacia



Desert Ecology:


Legumes form mutually beneficial associations with nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the soil. As a result, they are able . When pollinated, red to produce protein-rich seeds that support many wildlife species, especially insects. Blossoms provide nectar for insect pollinators (bees, flies, and butterflies).




O’odham drink tea from roots for stomach and kidney problems. Seeds are ground into coarse meal and made into cakes or can be stored, roasted, ground, and made into bread. Fragrant dried buds or blossoms were carried in sachets as perfume. The Seri and Yaqui use wood in bows. Others used the wood for fuel and construction of baskets, hunting and fishing tools, fences and furniture.