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The world is changing, we aim to keep up. While the world's population has grown, the capacity of its citizens to connect has also expanded. As we inhabit an urban campus in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, we recognize the special responsibility to apply science in the development of campus landscapes and to extend those lessons throughout the world.  We are "the canary in the coal mine" as the conditions here in the American southwest are becoming increasingly relevant for cities globally. To this end, we have invested in online educational resources and social media to help spread the word! 


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A Sampling of Species Featured on Social Media as "Plant Spotlight" Posts:

These species below represent a small sampling of plants featured on social media at various points in time. The content accessed through the hyperlinked text reflects a more complete description of the botanical characteristics than what was posted through Social Media. If you'd like to enjoy more exposure to some of the most interesting plants in the Campus Arboretum collection, visit the social media links below to like or subscribe to the Campus Arboretum pages or channels. 

Acacia pruinocarpa
Albizia lebbeck
Albizia sinaloensis
Dermatophyllum secundiflorum 'Silver Pesos'
Fouquieria purpusii
Havardia pallens
Jatropha cordata
Maytenus phyllanthoides
Olneya tesota
Cercidium microphyllum
Parkinsonia praecox
Sabal uresana
Senegallia mellifera
Senegalia occidentalis
Vachellia erioloba
Vachellia tortilis
Vallesia glabra


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