Trees Around The World Tour- SISSOO TREE

Dalbergia sissoo         |        Fabaceae       |       sissoo tree



Noteworthy Characteristics:


This is a very large deciduous tree with small clusters of white to pink flowers that eventually producing thin pods. The sissoo is tolerant of saline, sandy soils, as it is naturally found along river banks and very rainy climates. It can handle up to 4 months of drought. The sissoo tree is the state tree of Punjab, India and the provincial tree of Punjab Province, Pakistan. Also known as rosewood, it produces oil used for cosmetics with anti-aging and anti-acne agents. Next to teak, its wood is the most highly prized because of its high density and dark brown color. Its beautiful wood is used for a variety of purposes including furniture, skis, instruments and martial art weaponry. The dark brown heartwood is extremely durable and resistant to termites whereas the sapwood is white and much more susceptible.




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