Trees Around the World Tour

For more than a century the campus landscape has served as testing grounds for arid-adapted trees, supplying the Campus Arboretum with a collection of unusual but delightful specimens. Trees around the World features some of these unique trees and describes their native uses and interesting folklore.
We offer many other opportunities for you to participate in this tour: request a special time for a group tour, check out a self-guided tour booklet from 101 Herring Hall, print a copy of the self-guided tour (pdf below) or try the mobile tour.

Scheduled Tour Dates: 
Saturday, October 13, 2018 - 1:30pm
Saturday, November 10, 2018 - 1:30pm
Saturday, March 30, 2019 - 1:30pm
Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 12:00pm