Photo Walks Around the World: South America

This tour leads the user through different regions within South America's from a botanical, cultural, and scientific perspective. Five different species are explored in this tour, along with the stories of how they are each intertwined into the very fabric of the culture and the daily lives of South Americans. Culinary, ethnobotanical, and modern scientific applications for each of the five plant species reveal how far-stretching and powerful plants are, along with how vital the relationship between humans and native plant species is.

Start: Center for Creative Photography 

Begin the tour by walking south to the East side of the Harvill building. When you reach the 1st stop (Queen Palm) click on this START TOUR LINK . Thereafter, you can navigate directly to the next stop in the tour. Virtual connections and physical directions will be provided to help you navigate the tour. 


  1. Queen Palm – W side of Harvill 
  1. Split Leaf Philodendron – W side of Psychology 
  1. Viscote – W side of Grahm 
  1. Algarrobo Blanco –W side of Forbes 
  1. Palo Borracho/ Silk Floss Tree – S side of Bio Sciences West 

End: Bannister Building Laboratory of Tree Ring Research 


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Natasha Meehleib