Photo Walks Around the World: Mexico & The Southwest US

This tour explores iconic plants of the American Southwest along with other lesser-known but common plants from arid regions. The tour features a variety of plants ranging from the American Agave used in both traditional and modern medicine, to the Mexican fence post cactus used as a treatment for some6 forms of cancer. All of these hardy desert plants are exquisite in their forms, colors and interest against the muted background of North American deserts, and inspiring for their uses. Follow the tour map to visit plants linking the Center For Creative Photography to the Bannister Building's Laboratory of Tree Ring Research. As you stroll, drink up the visual and scientific wonder of the desert landscapes around you. 







Start: Center for Creative Photography

Begin the tour by walking south to 2nd Street and then east to Civil Engineering. When you reach the 1st stop (Mexican fencepost) click on this START TOUR LINK . Thereafter, you can navigate directly to the next stop in the tour. Virtual connections and physical directions will be provided to help you navigate the tour.


  1. Mexican fencepost - SW side Civil Engineering 
  2. Ocotillo - SE side Modern Languages 

  3. Boojum - W side of the Krutch Cactus Garden on the Mall 

  4. American agave - W side of Old Main 

  5. Mountain cottonwood - N side of the Douglass Building 


End: Bannister Building Laboratory of Tree Ring Research