2013 LEAF Hosts Campus Olive Harvest

Linking Edible Arizona Forests

Helping You Collect Campus Olives.


You can be a part of University of Arizona history by sitting under an olive tree. Around campus since Robert Forbes started planting them in late 1890s, there are now 295 olive trees on campus.

So why are these bitter, sidewalk-staining fruits suddenly making news? It’s because they’re starring in a new project through Linking Edible Arizona Forests on the UA Campus. Supported by the UA Green Fund, the Campus Arboretum and Facilities Management, this unique project is gaining momentum. Excitement is mounting for those interested in harvesting locally grown fruits and vegetables that might otherwise be ignored or tossed aside.Over the next few weeks, as the growing olives ripen to plump perfection, volunteers will harvest them and turn them into edible products. You can learn more about this on Food Day, Oct. 23 from 10-2 PM as the campus LEAF project will have a display table, right next to one highlighting the Campus Arboretum.



You can get involved in this project simply by kicking fallen olives off of sidewalks to help keep them stain-free, or even more so by helping to harvest them when they’re nice and ready, which is expected to be by the second weekend of November.



If you’re interested in participating in the harvest, expected to occur in late October or early November, shoot an email to Angela Knerl at aknerl@email.arizona.edu or like us on facebook. And if you’d like to learn how to care for, harvest and use your olives, keep an eye out for our best practices guide, slated for publication sometime this spring.


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November, 2013