2009 - Pinus Species Identification

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Pinus Project - Species Identification


border-style: solid; padding: 5px These notes are the result of botanical identification and  a careful search of existing Pinus literature done by Plant Sciences undergraduate, Grant Sinclair and overseen by Elizabeth Davison, founding director of the University of Arizona's (UA) Campus Arboretum PLS 499 (Independent Study).The intended goal for this study is to verify all the Pinus tree species on campus. Sources of species descriptions include the Campus Arboretum's map page and database, the UA Herbarium, and planting notes from 1968-1978 by Chuck Raetzman's, former Grounds Director.


Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) 

Mondel or Afghan pine (Pinus eldarica)

Canary Island (Pinus canariensis)

Japanese Black (Pinus thunbergii)

Italian Stone (Pinus pinea)

Indian Long Leaf (Pinus roxburghii)

January, 2009