Tucson's Plant Expert Favorites

Celebrating Diversity!


The University of Arizona has been a leader in desert horticulture from its beginning, bringing in plants from around the world and working with nurseries to ensure desert cities have a supply of trees and plants suited for our climate. The main campus in Tucson, is situated in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, the most biologically diverse desert in the world. We are a city that celebrates plants with dozens of local experts and a healthy sampling of world-renown botanists.


Inspiring Planting!

Through this project, we aim to gather the collective experience of the botanical community and thereby, engage and inspire planting and cultivation of tried and true, proven-performers as well as promising new introductions for the nursery industry in the Southwestern United States. Friends of the Campus Arboretum spanning nursery owners, plant breeders and academics will present here articles describing their favorite plants. 


Featuring Our Favorite Plants!

September 2019

Mariosousa willardiana - Palo Blanco - Scott Calhoun, Owner Zona Gardens, Tucson, AZ

August 2019

Eysenhardtia orthocarpa - Kidneywood  - Greg Corman, Corman Art and Landscape Design, Tucson, AZ

July 2019

Bauhinia lunaroides - Chihuahuan Orchid Tree - Greg Starr, Starr Nursery, Tucson, AZ 

June 2019

Chilopsis linearis - Desert Willow   - Tanya M. Quist, PhD, University of Arizona Campus Arboretum