Species Description Research

In 2018, nine remarkable undergraduate students researched and created content describing more than 300 species found in the Campus Arboretum collection! Their teamwork and exceptional productivity was truly inspiring. The content they produced now populates webpages individually featuring educational material informing the public about the botanical characteristics, cultivation, natural history and ethnobotanical value of these plants. The species web pages are part of a larger effort of the Campus Arboretum to educate the campus and community and promote understanding and use of desert landscape plants in ways that encourage their appropriate use in urban landscapes, maximize their beauty and health, and conserving use of resources for their maintenance. The research opportunity provided students with experience and depth of knowledge that complements their classroom learning, leadership and teambuilding as well as a sense of plant science subject mastery. All species in the collection are listed here. Examples of the species pages completed by students this year include:

Larrea tridentata

Bauhinia variegata ssp. purpurea

Ficus insipida

Jacaranda mimosifolia