Research - Plant Material Sampling

One of the services provided by the UA Campus Arboretum is to provide germplasm for the community. Occassionally, the germplasm is in the form of seeds (when they're available on the tree - we don't keep a seed bank) or fresh plant samples (leaves, roots, or stem cuttings) for propagation or study. The process of orchestrating the collection requires impressive coordination between the person or group making the request, the collector (usually a student intern), the grounds services, and the Plant Science office staff. Fresh samples must be collected, packed in dry ice, and shipped the same day for overnight delivery. Further, where research is done using the samples, there is an added layer of interest to consider the value and impact of the arboretum collections. Here, we share a "sampling" of plant sampling stories for you! :)


Popular Poplar

(The story of "Penny the poplar")


















Majestic Mesquite





















Exceptional Ehretia













Anonymous Argan





















Marvelous Moringa