Poetry Nature Walk

As an internationally renowned poetry library, the University of Arizona Poetry Center sponsors numerous University and community programs, with a special opportunity within the College of Humanities, to provide free and full accessibility to the public. In light of our shared commitment as non-profit organizations to extend our resources to the public, the Campus Arboretum has partnered in the past with the Poetry Center to offer free poetry readings on campus. Our shared goal is to harness the power of poetic language to expand appreciation for urban trees and to provide experiences for campus residents and visitors that transform their attitudes and ability to advocate for urban tree stewardship and conservation. 




This special event will take the form of a campus tour. Meet at Herring Hall prepared to walk around campus and read poems relating to significant trees and landscape sites. Seating will be available at most stops along the route. 



Docents will guide participants and discussion. No previous experience with poetry is necessary to enjoy this popular event. Participants should meet under the trees in front of Herring Hall. (parking directionscampus map


No RSVP necessary. E-mail: infoarboretum@ag.arizona.edu if you have questions.


Parking on campus is generally free on weekends.

Saturday, January 12, 2019 - 09:00 to 10:30