MEMORIAL TRIBUTE - Honoring Prof. Tom Gehrels

The Gehrels family sponsored a bench to support the Campus Arboretum and honor Prof. Tom Gehrels, a pioneering astronomer and planetary scientist for more than 50 years. Prof. Gehrels came to the University of Arizona with Prof. Gerard Kuiper from the University of Chicago, where Gehrels received his doctorate in astronomy and astrophysics. Among his many accomplishments, Prof. Gehrels was one of the first faculty members to work at the UA's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, he started the Spacewatch Program , initiated the Space Science Series of textbooks and was named winner of the 2007 Harold Masursky Award for his outstanding service to planetary science. The Campus Arboretum is grateful for the association with the Gehrels family and is proud to contribute to honoring a man who contributed so much to his field, to the reputation of The University of Arizona and to the Tucson community.









"The bench honoring my dad, Professor Tom Gehrels, has brought great joy to our whole family.  We have had several family gatherings around the bench, and each one is a joyous celebration of his life.  The location right next to Flandrau is perfect for a Planetary Scientist who spent his career bringing curiosity, insight, and love-of-learning to the Tucson community.  Personally, I celebrate his life every morning when I wave to his bench and wish him a wonderful day!" - Prof. George Gehrels, UA Geosciences


Friday, October 21, 2011 - 12:15