Joseph Wood Krutch Garden Florilegium

The Campus Arboretum has established a Florilegium of the Joseph Wood Krutch Garden by working with the Sonoran Desert Florilegium Program to collect and create botanical art that documents the scientific and aesthetic value of the Krutch Garden native plant collection.  The Sonoran Desert Florilegium program initiated the project with the production of several works of botanical art corresponding to the garden’s species.  With the establishment of this special collection, the Campus Arboretum has accessioned more than 50 plant species in the Krutch Garden with the aim of having all of the garden taxa illustratively documented. The Campus Arboretum will be responsible for raising funds to purchase all artwork. The Sonoran Desert Florilegium Program will recruit artists to participate in the Florilegium’s creation, and also assist the Campus Arboretum with fundraising efforts.  Original artwork is accessioned into Special Collections where they are archived and permanently stored.  These pieces are publically available for loan and are exhibited by Special Collections in the Science Library and other campus locations.  Artists retain copyrights to the originals, but UA Special Collections and UA Campus Arboretum will be permitted the option to create digital copies of the illustrations for display on the Campus Arboretum and SDFP websites as a virtual exhibit.  Each piece of artwork will conform to detailed specifications to ensure uniformity, quality, scientific and aesthetic value of the collection.


Opuntia basilaris (c) 2013 Chris Bondante


Download the complete project description, artist instructions, and plant list.

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Help us establish a complete collection through sponsorship. With your financial contribution, the Campus Arboretum will purchase or commission the production of additional pieces until scientific illustrations of all the species in the Joseph Wood Krutch Garden are preserved. Each of these beautiful 16"x20" works can be sponsored for $750. We welcome your contribution in any amount. Simply note in the memo field of your check or donation form the word "Florilegium". We will commission and purchase a piece when donations reach $750. Donate here now!