Guided Tree Tour - Old Main, New Directions in Desert Landscapes

As part of the Campus Arboretum’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations, the Campus Arboretum docents created a new tour called “Old Main, New Directions for Gardening in Arid Climates”. The tour takes participants around the historic grounds of Old Main in the heart of the UArizona main campus to spotlight plants and evolving landscape practices since the inception of the university. The tour aims to encourage consideration for plants and highlight sustainable landscape management practices necessary for both environmental and human health. 


The University of Arizona’s beloved and iconic Old Main encapsulates the larger campus history of landscape evolution and innovation. Since the campus grounds have been used as a living laboratory, overtime plant selection, design preferences, and landscape management practices have evolved increasingly toward a model of sustainability for urban deserts. In celebration of the Campus Arboretum’s efforts to improve landscape practices on campus and throughout the state for the past 20 years, join a tour to learn about old and new ideas as we envision the resilience possible in the next 20 years!


The "Old Main, New Directions in Desert Landscapes" will occur in Fall on these dates:






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This and other guided tree tours occur most Sundays from September, 2022 through May, 2023 at 9:30am

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Sunday, December 18, 2022 - 09:30