Dr. Fang Lizhi Memorial Event

The University of Arizona Department of Physics sponsored the planting of a Ginkgo tree on behalf of the Professor Fang Lizhi family. The tree was selected by Prof. Shuxian Li because of her fondness for the Gingko trees on the campus of Peking University, where she and Fang attended school, where Prof. Li taught physics, and where their son, Ke Fang, also studied. The Campus Arboretum is proud to provide an opportunity to memorialize the contributions of a truly exceptional life and recognize the story of a remarkable family. To learn more about Prof. Lizhi's academic and political contributions, consider reading the obituary printed in Physics Today. Gratitude is extended to Civano Wholesale Nursery for providing the tree, the UA Grounds team and School of Plant Sciences student, Diana Vercillo, for preparing the site and planting the tree.























LEFT: Prof. Fang Lizhi's son, Ke Fang and wife, Shuxian Li        RIGHT: Prof. Shuxian Li expressing tribute to her husband's memorial tree.



LEFT: The Fang family, gathered ith faculty, staff and students from the Department of Physics, along with Prof. Fang's friends, former colleagues and students from China and elsewhere.






























LEFT: Dolores (FM Grounds Services) and Diana Vercillo (Plant Sciences student) rest after planting the Ginkgo tree. MIDDLE: George (FM Grounds Services) and Dolores (FM Grounds Services) work together to finish the planting of the Ginkgo. RIGHT: Civano Wholesale nurseries supplied tree.





Monday, October 8, 2012 - 16:45