Wish List

border-style: solid; padding: 5pxTime volunteered, monetary donations or in-kind gifts sustain our research, student training and educational outreach programs. We depend on your support and are grateful for contributions that allow us to continue to serve and educate. If you have items you think we might use for propagation, training workshops, educational programs or literature, please contact us at infoarboretum@ag.arizona.edu. Here are a few items on our wish list to inspire your giving:


Education and Research

  • With the undertaking of a major botanical sign refurbishing project, we would like to also create new interpretive signage to describe the significance of individual historic trees or gardens.
  • The estimated costs to create interpretive signs for 5 important campus historic sites are $500-$1500 depending on the sign's size.
  • We are creating mobile tours to supplement our guided tour program. These mobile tours will allow anyone with a smart phone to learn about campus trees. Alternatively, we could consider purchasing kiosks to dispense printed copies of tours and other educational brochures. 
  • The estimated cost for creation of the mobile tours is $500. Kiosks range in price up to $25K

Trees and Plants

  • Propagation supplies - we grow many of our own trees and often grow on donated trees to larger size so they have a better chance of surviving in the ground. We appreciate donation of clean growing materials including:
    • Growth media (sphagnum moss, peat based media, sand, pumice)
    • Laboratory chemicals (auxin, gibberellin, sulfuric acid)
  • We always appreciate donations of new tree species which fit within our collection priorities. (see the collections policy)

Operations and Administration

  • If you enjoy scheduling, planning, and organizing people, files or events, we have a need for your volunteer services! Specifically, we are looking for someone to coordinate tour volunteers, schedule requests for public tours, facilitating training of new docents, organizing and updating tour materials, and helping with staffing needs for outreach events. 
  • We need a student worker to assist with maintenance of the GIS Database and tracking the accuracy of the trees on the web map. 
  • It would be so handy to have a dolly cart for transporting grounds maintenance tools for tree and sign installations we do throughout the year! Cost for a solid dolly is $500
  • In a perfect world, we would have a dedicated director! If you have a vision for the Campus Arboretum as an internationally valuable botanical resource, an important tool for campus recruiting, and a statewide historical treasure, please consider helping us fund an endowed chair position to suport a dedicated position for the Director. This wishful wish would require the creation of an endowment for $10K and more than $1m additional donations. 

Featured supporters:


Philip and Amy Jean Knorr

The Campus Arboretum wishes to express gratitude to Drs. Philip and Amy Jean Knorr, who were among the first and most dedicated supporters of the Campus Arboretum. They sponsored benches in the Olive Walk, established and generously supported an endowment in Philip's name, attended events and celebrations and provided encouragement and advice.Their foresight and dedication sustains our mission of tree care and preservation. 














The Taylor Family

Through their generous donation to the Campus Arboretum, the four children and families of Keith Taylor Sr and Gladys Eite Taylor established the Taylor Family Campus Arboretum Operational Support Endowment Fund. This endowment provides funding for grounds operations, including tree replacement, tools, grounds staff training, student projects, and tree salvage.